Size: The adult European hornets are approximately 1-1.5 inches long. Queens is the largest member of the hornet colony.

Color: Dolichovespula maculata, the bald faced hornet, resembles a larger version of a common yellow jacket, except they have whitish-colored facial, thoracic, and abdominal markings. European hornets have a reddish-brown head, thorax, first abdominal segment, and legs.

Habits:Hornets overwinter near small crevices in home siding, tree bark, and rotten logs. But, the most likely place to find their nests is on the branches of trees and large outdoor, tree-like shrubs. In late spring, they build paper nests in tree branches and underneath eaves. The insects are often attracted to scraps near outdoor eating areas. Homes with protected nooks on outdoor siding and hard-to-reach soffits provide ideal spots for hornets to make nests. These areas are within range of food sources like flowers, garbage cans, and road trash.